Whole Grains and Malt

Where do you start when speaking about the benefits of whole grains? We think the best place to begin is with the flavor, because let’s be honest, if it doesn’t taste good why would you want to eat it?

Like apples and many other types of produce, each grain variety has its own unique flavors. Mix and match your favorite grains as substitutions for brown rice and small pastas and you won’t be disappointed. Grain risottos, pilafs and salads are all deliciously possible!

Available Whole Grains & Malt

About Our Grains

All of our grains are non-GMO and grown here at our family farm. Each year we select and save seeds from our harvest for future plantings and when we need to purchase seed, we always do so from reputable sources. After harvest, samples of our grains are sent to a regional forage laboratory for analysis, we gladly provide these results to our consumers upon request.

**Please note, all of our grains are processed with the same equipment that processes wheat and may contain wheat.**

Before placing your order, please keep in mind that we package all of our products to order each week. Orders close at 1:00PM on Monday for milling and packaging on Tuesday and shipping on Wednesday. Any orders received after 1:00PM on Monday will be processed the following week.