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Spelt Berries


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Spelt Berries

With a toasty and slightly sweet flavor, spelt berries add great dimension to your whole grain recipes. High in protein, spelt is chewy and full-bodied. Depending on your pallet, you may want to increase the cooking time to find just the right texture.

We grow a variety of spelt called Sammy. It is a non-GMO improved variety that grows very well in our region (meaning, our unpredictable weather doesn’t seem to be an issue for growth).

**If you’re looking to mill the spelt berries into flour at home, please note: for this season’s crop of spelt (2017) we recommend mixing the flour at a 50/50 ratio with a high protein wheat flour (e.g., Glenn or Warthog) as the falling number was low due to a wet growing/harvest season. When mixed, the flavor and quality of the spelt will shine through in breads, pizza dough and pastries. Currently offered as a bolted/sifted flour only. 

As-Is Protein: 14%; Falling Number 147

**Please note, all of our grains are processed with the same equipment that processes wheat and may contain wheat.**

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