Wet Hops for Fresh Hopped Brews

Wet Hops!

Wet hops! Freshly picked and heading to a brewery just a few miles down the road.

Wet hops! Freshly picked and heading to a brewery just a few miles down the road.

It wasn’t too long ago that wet hopped brews weren’t really available locally, except for at few die-hard breweries (we’re looking at you Northampton Brewery and Wormtown).  Thanks to location, location, location (and increasing volumes of hops!) we have a unique opportunity to bring regional breweries the wet hops they deserve!

Come late August and early September our wet hops are fresh picked at their height of perfection and we work so closely with brewers to time wet hopped brew batches with our harvest schedule that it’s kinda like delivering a baby (“It’s time!”).


PhoneHow to Order

Call or email Liz (Liz@FourStarFarms.com) with your reservation today! Please keep in mind that harvest dates/times will vary by variety and that wet hops are extremely perishable. Our harvest typically starts during the third week of August and continues through mid September. Once you’ve placed your order we’ll keep in contact with you regarding the timing of the varieties you’re interested in.  Minimum order size of 10lbs per variety you’re interested in; max orders, humor us!

Less than 25LBS$7.00/LB
25 - 99LBS$6.50/LB
100+ LBS$5.50


Iron Duke 2015Pick Up vs. Shipping

Folks are strongly encouraged to pick up their wet hops at the farm, it’s always a great place for a photo op! But for those that can’t make it out to the farm, we can ship overnight via UPS (conditions and fees apply).


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