Four Star Farms Locally Grown Products

We are a sustainable family farm in Western Massachusetts providing locally grown grains, freshly milled flour, hops and turf. We take great pride in the level of quality that we pass along to you; only offering crops that we have grown in our own fields, and have processed and packaged to-order right here on the farm.

A Little Bit About Four Star Farms

Nestled along the banks of the Connecticut River you’ll find our family farm, a fertile piece of land, upon which we live and work. Our heritage is deeply rooted in agricultural tradition, built and passed down by 14 generations, and driven by a steadfast commitment to responsibly balance what is right for the environment with what is viable for our farmland and our family.

The name Four Star Farms comes from our surname, L’Etoile, which means “the star” in French. When we began farming our current location, more than 34 years ago, there were four stars working hard to make it succeed. Today, we’re thankful that the family continues to grow.