Hops Varieties

Fresh hops

The heart of our operation focuses on aromatic hops varieties. The terroir provided by our soil (Hadley Silt Loam) and growing conditions in this region create a new landscape for brewers to explore, a place where Magnums aren’t just for bittering and a Nugget isn’t just herbal, but also packs a citrus punch.

We’re excited to sell our hops to home and craft brewers alike! Our pellets are available in 4 oz or 11 lb nitrogen flushed soft packs and our whole leaf are available in 4 oz and 11 lb poly bricks. To order please use the product links below or feel free to call/email the farm:

  • Telephone (413-498-2968)
  • Email (Liz@fourstarfarms.com)

Available Hop Varieties


Versatile with a wonderful citrusy-spicy aroma. As one of the top producers at the farm, Cascade consistently offer strong yields and fantastic aromatics. Learn more/purchase here.


A versatile hop with a balanced depth of bitterness and forward aroma (think citrusy floral). Its alpha acid content it is well suited to Pale Ales and IPAs. Learn more/purchase here.

Crystal (SOLD OUT FOR 2017)

A noble-ish hop with floral and spice notes. We gave Crystal a trial run in our research yard in 2015/16 and we're pleased to announce that we've added them to our yard in a big way (available 2017 harvest).


Known traditionally as a bittering hop we've been surprised at the intense citrusy/fruity nose our magnums give. Officially called Aromatic Magnum around here, some brewers go so far as to call them pineapple bombs. Learn more/purchase here.

Mt. Rainier

Mt. Rainier is a dual purpose hop with noble aroma characteristics (comparable to Hallertau). We're also finding tremendous citrus notes with a heavy pinch of pine. You're not going to want to miss this hop. Learn more/purchase here.


The terroir of our soil transforms this well known hop variety into something entirely different than it's west coast counterpart, so much so that we decided to give it a new name! Popular in IPAs, Imperials, and other super hoppy brews this dual purpose variety packs a bright citrus and sticky fruit flavor/aroma profile. Can you guess it's original name? Learn more/purchase here.


Developed as a dual hop, Rakau is bursting with a lot of typical New Zealand fruity aromatics. We're excited about what the Rakau have brought to the table, our 2016 crop offered stone fruit flavors and aromas to every batch (think peach forward with a dried apricot finish).

CHAOS (Teamaker Blend)

A high aroma breed making a unique splash in the world of medicine, food, and brewing. With notes of black tea, Teamaker has been a hit with our sour beer making friends. They say it also makes a great iced tea because of it's lack of bitterness. Learn more/purchase here.

Wet Hops (Offered Seasonally)

Photo credit: Aeronaut Brewing Co.

Photo credit: Aeronaut Brewing Co.

Wet hops are available seasonally from our farm at harvest time. We gladly accept reservations for wet hops at any time, with harvest windows (by variety) spanning from mid August – mid September.  Once you’ve placed your order we’ll keep in contact with you regarding the timing of the varieties you’re interested in. 

Minimum order size of 10 lbs per variety you’re looking to purchase.

Order maximum: humor us. We can harvest 2,000lbs+ a day.

Pick Up vs. Shipping Your Order

Bill from Lefty's Brewing Company picking up his 2015 wet hops!

Lefty’s Brewing Company picking up 2015 wet hops!

Folks are strongly encouraged to pick up their hops at the farm, it’s always a great place for a photo op! But for those that can’t make it out to the farm, we can ship to you via UPS (conditions and fees apply). Please inquire for more details.