Turf – Final Season 2020

Turf-FieldOur Final Turf Season (2020)

Thank you for the many wonderful years of support of our turf business. It has been a major part of our farm  and while it’s bittersweet to close this chapter, we’re very excited to focus on the next: our hops and farm brewery.

Turf will continue to be available to our customers until the ground freezes or we sell out, whichever happens first.

Our Turf

Our turf is a Bluegrass/Fescue blend suitable for a wide range of applications, from sports fields to industrial spaces to home lawns. As long as the site is on suitable soil and gets at least 4 hours of sun per day our turf should be appropriate for the job.


We harvest our turf in strips of 10 square feet (2’X5’) and we gladly cut orders in increments of 50 square feet.  A minimum order of 100 square feet is required.

For orders of less than 300 square feet, the price is $0.41 per square foot of turf (plus MA sales tax).

For orders of 300 square feet or larger, the price is $0.32 per square foot of turf (plus MA sales tax).

If you’d like your order on a pallet, there is a $10.00 deposit/handling fee per pallet; bring us the pallets back and we’ll gladly refund your deposit.

Ordering Our Turf

We harvest all of our turf to order, from small do-it-yourself projects  (a few strips) to commercial jobs (10,000+ sq ft).

We accept orders up to 24 hours in advance of pick-up and cut our orders once a day (Monday – Friday). Please call the farm (413-498-2968) to place your order by 12:30PM, Monday through Friday.

Need your turf delivered? Please contact our sister company Sodco at 800-341-6900 for rates and scheduling.

Tips and Recommendations for Laying Turf and Maintaining Your Lawn

Have questions about how to prepare your site for turf, how much fertilizer you may need to maintain it, or how to diagnose potential issues with your existing lawn? Our friends at Sodco have compiled a series of tips and resources to help make caring for your lawn easier.