Crystal T-90 Pellets

2022 Pellets Coming Soon

Crystal hops are a noble-ish variety (low bitterness and heaps of aroma) with bright notes of grapefruit and rind. I’m thinking our Crystal should be the poster child for terroir as it’s counterparts grown around the world are described best as herbal, earthy, and green.

These pellets are soft packed and nitrogen flushed in mylar; available in 4 oz or increments of 11 lb packages.

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Flavors and Aromas I Didn’t Think Were Possible

Rich of Kismet Brewing looking into brewing kettle while making beer

At Kismet we believe quality ingredients produce a quality product. When searching for locally grown hops to use in our Hometown Glory beer series, we had to look no further than Four Star Farms.  It’s obvious from the second you meet the L’Etoile Family, that they have a true passion for craft beer, and that passion drives both of them to grow the best hops possible.  I was blown away with the samples I received.  The hops were so fresh, and incredibly aromatic.  I knew immediately that I wanted to make a New England Style Double IPA, as the intense aroma of stone fruits and citrus would be perfectly suited for it.  I chose Crystal and Chaos to try first, and the resulting beer exceeded my expectations.  The beer was complex, fruity, aromatic, and most importantly… unique.  In a time when customers are spoiled for choice, and most New England IPAs tend to taste very similar, being unique is a very good thing.  The local terroir comes across in these familiar varietals, bringing out flavors and aromas I didn’t think were possible.  We have made two versions of Hometown Glory to date, and both have become our customers favorites.  We look forward to using more Four Star Farms hops in future brews.

Rich DeSousa, Owner/Brewer

4 oz (2021) Crystal, 11 lbs. (2021) Crystal

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