TeaMaker T-90 Pellets

2022 Pellets Coming Soon

As their name implies, Teamaker hops offer up lovely and big aromatic notes of tea with hints of orange citrus, floral notes and spice. Teamaker is a variety that was bred to be all aroma, with little to no bitterness and delivers on both fronts. Teamaker does best in a styles where subtle hop flavors can rule: lagers, pilsners, pale ales, cream ales, and saisons.

Historically used to make teas, you can also experiment with Teamaker to create your own hopped tea or Arnold Palmer. Read more about Teamaker hops and how they came to be part of the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service here.

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4 oz. (2021) – Teamaker, 11 lbs. (2021) – Teamaker, 44 lbs. (2021) – Teamaker

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