Soft White Winter Wheat Berries


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Richland, Soft White Wheat Berries

Soft white winter wheat berries, with their delicate wheat flavor and slightly chewy texture are a great staple of the grain-lover’s diet. Wherever you would use a brown rice or a small pasta, wheat berries can be substituted. Are you a home miller? Use these berries to create a beautiful, rustic pastry flour.

Our soft white winter wheat berries are a variety called Richland. The descriptor “soft white winter” refers to the protein, color, and growing period of the grain.

  • Soft: lower protein
  • White: a light, pale colored grain
  • Winter: the time of year we plant the seed (typically planted in late September, the wheat begins to grow before the ground freezes, goes dormant over the winter and begins to grow again once the ground thaws)

As-Is Protein: 11%; Falling Number 255

All of our grains are non-GMO and grown here at the farm. 

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