Pint of pale ale in a Gentile Brewing Company glass

Chaos… I Love That Damn Hop

Chaos… you know I love that damn hop. It is so ridiculous what happened and even more ridiculous that it works! A “single” hop that is actually two hops blended in a ratio we don’t really know. But here you go, enjoy, it actually makes good beer! In a beer world so focused on precision, it is nice to have an ingredient that forces you to be a bit loose. Embrace the Chaos!

We’ve used it in a dry hopped pale ale we started making in the Spring of 2020, aptly named, Chaos. I think it would also work really well in lower doses in Saisons and would also scale up nicely into a variety of IPA styles. In terms of sensory analysis, the black tea from the Teamaker certainly comes through balanced with a mix of traditional American hop flavors. And it can only ever be grown at Four Star Farms! So unique and so cool!

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