Upcoming Changes at our Farm

July 5, 2019

We are writing with an important update about our farm operations (grains, flour, turf and hops) as there are some important changes that will occur over the next few months. These changes will mean a lot to us and how we operate our farm but will also affect you, our customer, a great deal as well.  We ask that you please read this note thoughtfully and know that we’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

This time of year we’d typically be planning our plantings of grains and turf. This season, however, we have made the hard decision to not plant either. This has come after much reflection on our processes and the long-term sustainability  of these operations for our family and our farm. By not planting this fall we’re taking the first major step in phasing out both our flour and turf operations over time so that we can narrow our focus to expanding our work with hops.

The grains/flour and turf portions of our business will continue to operate, for the foreseeable future, for our wholesale commercial customers as our inventory allows. However, we will be discontinuing sales of grain and flour through our online store with the last date to order being July 22, 2019 (a notice will be placed on our website). Hops will continue to be available for purchase via our online storefront.

Evolution and innovation have always been an integral component of our model here at Four Star and while deciding to shift gears like this is very difficult for us, we’re excited about the wonderful opportunities that lie ahead for our hops and our farm.

It has truly been a pleasure to work with all of you along this journey and we thank you for your support.


The L’Etoile Family