Wet Hops at Four Star Farms

Chris Gagne of Hermit Thrush Brewery picking up wet hops.

When our hop plants start reaching the top of the trellis my mind turns to my favorite time of year, wet hopped beer season! I’m drawn to the harmonious layers of subtle, yet complex hop character that can only be found in fresh hopped brews at harvest time, shining in a world of intensely hop forward beers, if only for a brief period of time.

Under the best drying conditions hops lose many of their volatile oils that contribute to flavor and aroma, so with wet hops, you’re starting from a place of “more.”  Because the hops are still “wet” the effect is understated but ever-present; a brew that is multidimensional, with notes of grass, herbs and flowers mingling with the traditional hop characteristics you’ve grown to know and love.

When Are Wet Hops Available?

Our harvest runs from mid August to mid September and each variety will be picked, one at a time, across that window. Any day that we’re picking, wet hops are available to you! 

Centennial and Magnum always vie to be the first one’s harvested, while Cascade, Pépite, Chaos and Crystal hang tight in the middle. Adventurous brewers are welcome to pick up their orders and take full advantage of the view, photo op and story only a hop farm can provide. For those that can’t make it to the farm we can ship right to your door.

Important Details

Aeronaut Brewing

All of our varieties are available as wet hops with a minimum order size of 10 lbs per variety you’re interested in; max orders, humor us!

Pick Up vs. Shipping

You’re strongly encouraged to pick up wet hops directly from the farm, it’s always a great place for a photo op! But for those that can’t make the trek, we can ship overnight via UPS (conditions and fees apply).

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